I confirm that I have read the South Alive Health & Safety policy and related registers and agree to the guidelines for hire of the South Alive Pod below.


  1. Hire is only for the room agreed unless both rooms have been hired together.
  2. Payment required on invoice (20th of month following booking) as per agreed rate.
  3. The room is to be set up as it was found, and the floor vacuumed so the space is left tidy for the next group.
  4. Please note that the TV is not to be used unless previously arranged and heat pumps need to be turned off at the end of your booking please.
  5. Any risks, incidents or accidents will be noted on the register and office staff informed.
  6. Any damage which happens as a result of your booking may be charged to you.
  7. The unique door code will not be shared with anyone else (including those in the group). All codes are unique to an individual and are tracked.
  8. After 5.30pm weekdays, and 4pm on weekends (and all day on public holidays), there is no access to The Pantry and the glass door must always remain locked. An alarm will sound, and security company dispatched if the door is opened during these times.
  9. If the alarm is engaged when you arrive, the alarm system needs will be disengaged, then reengaged when you leave please. If your group’s actions sound the alarm and cause the security company to be dispatched, you will be responsible for the cost of this (currently $70+GST/half hour).
  10. Please do not park in front of The Pantry – use street parking on Grace or Ness Street.
  11. Security cameras are installed for crime prevention.
  12. Cancellation policy – If you no longer require the room booking please provide 24 hours notice or room booking price will be still charge.
  13. Additional requirements under Covid-19 Protection Framework (Traffic Light System)

a. Ventilation – Window/s must always be open while in the room and closed upon exit

b. There is to be no congregating in the foyer to avoid across over with other room hirers.

c. The South Alive office is closed to the public. Should you wish to speak to a staff member please knock and wait for someone to come out.

e. Sanitising – all tables, chairs and door handles are to be sanitised before leaving. Sanitiser and gloves are provided in the foyer for this.


People are our most important asset and their health and safety is our greatest responsibility. The public will be given equal priority to that of our employees and volunteers.
South Alive is committed to ensuring the health, safety and wellbeing of our employees, volunteers and wider community, in doing so we will:

Communicate and Engage
Communicate with employees, our community, and all others involved. Encourage our employees and volunteers to participate in health and safety conversations, hazard management, initiatives and reviews.

Induct and train our employees and volunteers on safe work practices, emergency management and evacuation.

Demonstrate commitment to health and safety leadership by consistently championing safe working practices.

Work with all stakeholders involved in projects and decision making processes, to ensure effective communication and collaboration on all operational and health and safety matters.

Investigate and Learn
Record all incidents, including near misses. Investigate to find root cause/s and put controls in place to manage these. Learn from all incidents, injuries, near misses and other evens.

Monitor and Review
Review health and safety management systems including risks and controls annually or as required after an incident investigation to ensure controls remain effective.

Undertake to comply with all relevant health & safety legislation, regulations, codes of practice, related standards and identified safe work practices.

Plan ahead to ensure health and safety is considered in all planning and activities and that effective emergency management and evacuation plans are in place.

Identify and Control Risk
Identify risk in our workplace and put controls in place to manage these risks through use of the hierarchy of controls with the aim to eliminate injuries.

The responsibility for safety is expected to be an integral part of everyday work, therefore it is vital that every employee and volunteer shares in the commitment to eliminate unsafe acts and conditions by thinking safely and acting safely at all times.

Associated Policies & Procedures
Date Approved November 2016
Last Reviewed: October 2020
Next Review Due: October 2023