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1. To help us get the best matches between needs and skills (yours and ours), we would appreciate you telling us what skills, experience, interests and qualifications you have. Please tick as many of the boxes below as apply to you.
2. How would you like to volunteer?

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South Alive Volunteer Terms of Agreement

Code of Conduct
South Alive Code of Conduct Policy
Volunteers should conduct themselves in a manner that creates and maintains a positive impression of South Alive. Volunteers should avoid any action which might adversely affect public perception of South Alive.
Health and Safety
South Alive Health and Safety policy.
Volunteers are required to observe all health and safety rules and act in a manner which does not expose themselves to unnecessary health and safety risk.
South Alive Privacy and Confidentiality policy.
I understand that all information I become aware of, while working in a volunteer capacity at South Alive, is completely confidential. This includes all contact details for participants, volunteers and staff. I understand that my contact details will be recorded by South Alive and that these details will be kept secure and confidential.
Workplace Harassment
South Alive Harassment policy.
I understand that South Alive is committed to providing an environment free from all forms of discrimination and harassment. I have read and understand the South Alive Harassment policy.
Child Protection
South Alive Child Protection Policy.
I understand that South Alive is committed to the protection and wellbeing of children, young people, vulnerable adults and their families
Digital Media
I understand that occasionally digital media (photos and videos) will be taken of me in a volunteering capacity. These photographs/videos/images may be used for promotional purposes such as websites, posters, and leaflets but not for commercial gain.